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Our Fruit Liqueurs

Created in the spirit of London's long and disreputable history gin drinking Mother's Ruin produces a range of exquisite fruit liqueurs for sale. Offered for your delectation and delight are dark and delicious damson and sloe gins, delicate and spicy rhubarb & ginger, fragrant summer raspberry and heady gooseberry & elderflower vodkas.

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Simply gorgeous drunk on their own Mother's Ruin liqueurs can also be used as exciting and original cocktail ingredients.

Over the course of a year fruit is steeped in gin or vodka to intensely infuse the spirit with the full depth of flavour. Fruit is of the higest quality and much of it is home grown or foraged from in and around East London.

Elderflowers and sloes are wild foraged as they come into season. As a result the availability and flavour of the liqueurs is directly linked to the seasons, the weather and the soil. Similar to wine terroir each small batch of liqueur will taste unique, and may be only available in a limited amount.

Mother's Ruin liqueurs are available both online, and direct from the Gin Palace on Ravenswood Industrial Estate which is located in an old airy WW1 munitions factory building. Alongside manufacturing and a shop, Mother also hosts a tiny cocktail bar with a short menu built around our award winning liqueurs.

The industrial estate is also home to independent brewery Wildcard, and Europe's largest collection of neon at God's Own Junkyard. Come and visit us at the weekends for an intoxication of many senses!